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Army Material Command news dispatch announcing Red River Army Depot is recipient of 2007 Shingo Gold Medallion for improvements made via Lean Thinking to the HMVEE overhaul process.
A sixty second overview of the Shingo Prize recognized HMVEE overhaul process at Red River Army Depot.

Proud to be an American by The American Innovator

Here's a wonderful video from the American Innovator (Paul Akers) featuring the wonderful folks at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. I'm proud to have helped start them on their lean journey over 10 years ago now, proud of their accomplishments, and prouder still they're still on the path. Go Navy!


Mark Graban Interview with Mike Wall

Award winning Author and Lean Practitioner Mark Graban discusses his book "Lean Hospitals" and how care providers can reduce waste and cost while improving quality, patient care, and employee satisfaction.
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Dr. Jeffrey Liker Interview with Mike Wall

Dr. Jeffrey Liker, 8 time recipient of the Shingo Prize in the field of research, talks about his book "The Toyota Way".
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Jake Stiles Interview with Mike Wall

Jake Stiles of Stiles Associates discussing attributes of the Lean Leader and the retained search process.
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Pascal Dennis Interview with Mike Wall

Pascal Dennis discussing the strategy deployment and execution process in his book "Getting the Right Things Done" introducing his new book "The Remedy".
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Ralph Keller Interview with Mike Wall

Ralph Keller, President of AME providing insights on the new Lean Certification Process.
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Cliff Ransom Interview with Mike Wall

Cliff Ransom discussing Lean from a Wall Street guys perspective and looking for the next Danaher.
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Bob Miller Interview with Mike Wall

Robert Miller, Executive Director of the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence discussing the mission, history, and value of the Prize.
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Mike Wall - Host of RadioLean™ Interview with Michael Lamb

Mike Wall, host of RadioLean™ discussing observations and lessons learned from hands-on work at more than 200 organizations around the world.
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